How to Submit a Manuscript

1. Send your manuscript and a separate file with author information (see below) to Alternatively, you can send the manuscript to our Russian office at
2. Your manuscript will be reviewed anonymously by one of our experts. You will receive your evaluation results within 5 days.
3. Make a payment for your invoice using one of the payment methods available.
4. If necessary, your manuscript will be translated into English prior to publication.
5. When the book is printed, it will immediately be available for order at You will receive your copy via the postal service.


All manuscripts should be submitted in English. If your manuscript is written in a language other than English (French, German, Russian, etc.), it can be translated by our experienced translators for an additional fee.

Author Information

Please send the following information about each author in a separate file.

1. Full name
2. Title(s)
3. Name of organization
4. City, state or region, country
5. E-mail address
6. Mailing address
7. Number of hard copies desired
8. Section for your manuscript (see below)

Page Layout

File format .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word) Page size A4 (210mm x 297mm) Margins Top and bottom - 20mm, left - 30mm, right - 15mm Text font Times New Roman, 12 Line spacing 1.5 lines Text alignment Justified Hyphenation Automatic First line indent 1.25cm Page numbers Off Figures and tables Embedded into the text References Numbered consecutively in square brackets (e.g. [1]). The References section at the end of the manuscript. Manuscript length 5 - 30 pages

Manuscript Template

Manuscript template (download)

Author Information file template (download)

Download a "Brief Guide To Writing Scientific Articles"